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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pulling off a vintage themed wedding

Vintage isn't necessarily ancient or decadent. Over time I have come to realize that vintage style is going nowhere as fashion keeps getting recycled. Sadly many brides rock in-season trends that go away with time. Imagine having to explain to your kids that at the time you got married it was cool to rock a backless wedding dress, i'm almost certain that they will look at it as tacky. Some of the most stylish women were from the 50s- Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, anyone?

Imagine incorporating their style into your wedding. The result- sheer, timeless elegance. Below, are some vintage ideas you can rock at your wedding

1. The pillbox hat - Made popular by Jackie Kennedy, this modest style is definitely back. The pillbox was popular in the 60s and right now there are many modern ways to rock the pillbox. Add a blusher veil to give it a bridal effect or have your bridesmaids rock little pillbox hats for a retro classic look.

Victoria beckham rocks a pillbox hat to Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding

2. Brooches- a brooch is the best accessory to add to a dress. As simple as it seems, it has this transforming power and can dress up a simple gown. It can be pinned at the waist, sleeve,chest to create a vintage feel. Show off a small waist by cinching your waistline with a simple brooch. Have your bridesmaids wear brooches. Use a brooch bouquet in place of a flower bouquet.

Beautiful brooch bouquet courtesy

Monday, 16 July 2012

Why do couples exchange wedding rings?

Beyonce rocks her 18 carat flawless diamond wedding ring from
Lorraine Schwartz valued at more than $5million

Can Beyonce and JayZ please adopt me, lol

Okay I've heard so many funny stories about the origin of wedding rings. I did a bit of research to know just why. In the course of this I discovered that there are churches that feel that the ring is immoral and instead of exchanging the immoral ring they would exchange a bottle of Coke and Fanta (this is no joke). Some other churches require that the couple exchange bibles instead of the rings.

Well back to the matter of rings- why do we exchange rings? and how did rings become a symbol of love, commitment and marriage? I might need to delve into a bit of history here

The wedding ring originated from ancient Egypt- rushes and reeds along River Nile were twisted and braided into rings. It was a symbol of eternal and immortal love. The ring is a circle that symbolised eternity, the ring has no beginning nor end like time. The Egyptians of that time will place the ring on the third finger of the left hand to symbolise immortal & eternal love. The vein on the 3rd finger is believed to be directly connected to the heart. This vein in Latin is "vena amoris" meaning the "vein of love".

But unlike the Egyptians, Roman men gave rings not as a symbol of love but as a symbol of ownership. The Roman man would claim a woman as his possession by giving her a ring.

Also men didn't wear wedding rings until much recently. Wedding rings for men became more popular during World War II when they faced lengthy seperations from their wives. Men then wore wedding rings to show that they were married and as a reminder about their wives.

Today wedding rings have evolved from braided leaves to steel, silver, gold, precious gem stones etc. Encrusted stones have come to adorn rings from diamond, to amethyst, ruby and emerald. The higher the price tag the better.

Meanwhile that's me and my boo the day he proposed
that's my engagement ring right there- yellow gold with a diamond stone

Happy birthday King of my heart

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bridesmaids style

I've seen many weddings where the bride is looking her best and her bridesmaids are looking tacky. Brides spend so much time planning what to wear and how to put it all together that they forget that if the bridesmaids look tacky the overall wedding look especially the photography will be an epic fail. Badly dressed bridesmaids usually take away from the bride's style thereby affecting the overall outlook of the wedding. I've heard that the more dressed down the bridesmaids are the more the bride can shine at her wedding.. I certainly do not agree.

Dressing up your bridesmaids need not cost a fortune. The most important aspect is to pay attention to the details and make sure each detail complement everything else- from the dress to bridesmaids accessories to the centerpieces everything must be in sync
Below is a list of bridesmaids pieces that will give your wedding the wow effect

Bridesmaids dress 

The most popular dress worn by bridesmaids is usually of tea party length. More brides are choosing dresses of longer length dresses.

Unless you are part of the Kardashian clan,
Don't expect your bridesmaids to splurge on  a flowing white dress 
that looks just like a wedding gown
It is not practical
Whatever your choice is you must have this in mind, if the bridesmaids are paying- is it so expensive? is it practical? can it be worn after your wedding? Your friends will be more willing to pay if the dress is practical enough to be worn after the wedding

Hair pieces

There is a variety of hair pieces to choose from depending on the look you want to achieve with your wedding. Because of the popularity of church weddings a lot of brides usually choose to deck their  bridesmaids in a fascinator or a bird cage veil. This is usually beautiful for more formal and traditional wedding ceremonies. For a more trendy look, bridesmaids can be decked in beautiful sparkly hair bands or hair pins.

Friday, 22 June 2012

To veil or not to

Bolarin Biobaku at her traditional marriage

I remember when my family friend was getting married she had decided she didn't want to wear a veil but wanted her hair flowing with a gigantic tiara atop her head. When her mother heard this she almost had a fit. How can you not veil?, a bride must be veiled on her wedding day, Why do you want to be different? My family friend being a tomboy lashed out "Mum, I'm not everybody"

Which brings me to the question- Why do brides wear a veil?

In the old Roman Empire, it was said that the veil was meant to scare away evil spirits who might kidnap the bride before the wedding.

It was also used for arranged marriages so that the groom will not back out based on the physical features of the bride. In this type of marriage the bride is betrothed to the groom and this may have been kept secret by their parents, it is at the wedding that he would formally unveil his bride.

TV Personality Star Jones rocks a record 27 inch long veil
Hers was longer than Princess Diana's by 2 inches

In reference to biblical times, the veil was used to trick Jacob into marrying plain Leah instead of her sister Rachel.

At other times the veil came to symbolize chastity, purity and modesty. When the veil was lifted it signified that the groom was taking possession of his wife and he has a right to enter conjugal relations with her. This supports the saying "a bride was given to her husband in marriage while a man took a wife".

Today the veil has become more of an accessory. It is no longer tied to such superstitious beliefs as in times past.

It has become a beautiful fashion statement - the longer the veil, the more formal the wedding as there are varieties to choose from.

The decision to veil  is entirely yours. Whether veiled or not just be sure your rocking that aisle.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Oooooh! I just had a shoegasm!


Lately my eyes have been assaulted by a myriad of wonderfully sparkly shoes but no matter how beautiful a shoe looks the key is comfort.

In order to choose a shoe to rock on your wedding day some factors must be considered

It also has be classic and timeless. You don't want to wear shoes that Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga would wear and then 20 years later your kids will look at your wedding pictures and ask "Mum, what were you thinking?" Shoes like pumps, open toe or ballet flats never go out of style.

Just recently I was at a wedding and had a complete, in fact a multiple shoegasm. The bride was rocking this sky high Christian loubotin pumps. Now I don't know how she did it cos she was in those shoes all through the darn ceremony but damn those shoes looked pretty uncomfortable. Couldn’t get a close up view but when I got home I googled it. See below

Christian Loubotin "Daffodile" bridal shoe

This shoe is covered with swarovski crystals and costs a whooping 6,395 us dollars gasp!   that is some people's entire wedding budget  ok! scratch that, it's some people's wedding budget plus, house rent and school fees for their first two kids #tongue out#

Some other bridal leg candy that have caught my eye in recent times are-

Annulia by Ivanka Trump, for those that put comfort before anything else. It's really stylish too
Annulia by Ivanka Trump
For those that love to show off some beautiful feet complete with beautifully manicured toe nails  you can rock strappy sandals
Badgley Mischka "Forrester' White wedding shoes
And to all 2012 brides it is actually okay to have a shoe fetish *wink*
so whatever your choice is make sure you are rocking some major leg candy on your big day.